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Welcome to the spectacular world of

Latin-inspired cuisine

Latin cuisine is heartwarming and galvanizing. The Pearl West Restaurant Group is proud to present our chain of 9 Latin-inspired restaurants that specialize in wholesome and stimulating food and beverages from Mexico.

Started and run by celebrated foodpreneur Jorge Castro, the Pearl West Restaurant Group is an ode to the rich legacy of Mexican cuisine in the United States. Our hand-crafted small & large plates, along with our quirky and spirited beverages, can transform a conventional lunch into an exciting and unforgettable culinary experience.

Our restaurants are spread across the Southern Washington and Portland, Oregon regions and are frequented by thousands of diners across age groups.

High-profile settings for

a fine-dining experience

Each of our restaurants are located in prime neighborhoods which receive extremely high foot and vehicular traffic. Many of them boast calming and aesthetic waterfront properties that recreate an easy and indulgent fine dining ambience.

The Pearl West Restaurant Group runs nine celebrated restaurants in Southern Washington and Oregon, which include the brands below. We are also expanding into California with our latest restaurant opening soon outside of Downey, CA!

Our Brands

Bold & vibrant

menus for lasting experiences

Whether they prefer a conventional, home-styled tamale or a contemporary fusion paella, diners at any Pearl West Restaurant Group eatery will find the unique Mexican fare that makes their taste buds tingle with pleasure.

With an inventive range of Latin-inspired foods and beverages that transport you to the heart of Mexico, our restaurants have enough to captivate people of Hispanic and non-Hispanic heritage. Our carefully thought-out meals and creative drinks make Mexican food more exciting to kids, millennial crowds, and older adults alike, bringing in a diverse clientele from across Vancouver and Portland.

Every dish we craft uses locally-sourced ingredients from organic farms. Our meals and drinks are competitively-priced to reflect the quality and variety we offer. We have special packages for family gatherings and corporate events – a hit during our lunch service.

This unique menu, coupled with our spacious property and warm service, has allowed us to become extremely profitable, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Creating dining experiences that

bring people together

At its core, the Pearl West Restaurant Group is committed to championing the American spirit of solidarity and community, by sharing food. We create a space where people from all walks of life come to unwind, share meals and immerse themselves in the Latin spirit.

Our focus is on providing scrupulous service. Restaurant hosts & hostesses will usher diners to the bar or their table, where their orders will be taken by attentive servers – showcasing the warm hospitality that Latin cultures are renowned for.

With a variety of seating options available from one-seat bar stools to eight-seater sofas, every Pearl West Restaurant Group eatery makes for an excellent place to come together for a day of fun with friends and family.  

“My number one mission is that when people step foot into our restaurants for the very first time they already say it’s their favorite place they’ve been.”


Pearl West Restaurant Group is a reputed F&B business headquartered in Southern Washington. With over 12 years’ experience in the culinary arts, we are well-placed to offer a unique, Latin-inspired dining experience to people of all ages, genders and races.

Our chain of themed restaurants champions the exotic flavors of the Latin world, allowing diners to immerse themselves in an unforgettable culinary extravaganza. Our food and alcohol menus have been crafted with great thought, keeping in mind the unique palates of children, millennials and older diners alike.