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Pearl West Restaurant Group is a leading restaurant group headquartered in Southern Washington. We have a chain of themed family restaurants designed to be your home away from home – a venue for all the major (and minor) celebrations in your life.

Our restaurant group currently houses four widely acclaimed Mexican & Latin-themed kitchens & bars. Allow us to introduce them to you:

Perfect for those lazy Sundays when all you want to do is hit up your friends and unwind, Margarita Factory serves up delicious Mexican fares that’ll leave you wanting for more.

Order your favorite cocktail or try our house special margaritas. Choose from our expansive list of mouthwatering Mexican entrées and desserts and enjoy your day with loved ones.

Margarita Factory has 7 outlets across the Southern Washington region.

Hearty Mexican lunches and dinners have a way of not only invigorating your body, but rejuvenating your soul. At the Guadalajara Grill & Cantina, you’ll find delicious meals, lovingly sourced, cooked & plated to reflect our rich Mexican heritage. From organic vegetables to fresh seafood to free-range beef, only the best and most sustainable produce makes its way to your plate.

Our Mexico-inspired cocktails and mocktails are crafted to represent traditional Mexican beverages. With unique platters, specially-designed for kids, this is the perfect place for a large family gathering.

Celebrate your Latin heritage at the DosAlas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar with authentic Caribbean and Spanish-inspired food. Our innovative and bold fares – available in small and large plates – twist tradition on its head to make Latin cuisine approachable and enjoyable to people of all ages – especially adventurous diners.

Our uniquely-crafted, fun and sexy beverage selection – especially our premier tequila-inspired drinks – are renowned across the Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington regions. Bring your loved ones over and immerse yourself in our Latin-fusion gastronomical experience.

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Happy customers,

we treat like family

Raylene L.

Excellent Mexican food! I asked if they could make me something not on their menu... avocado enchiladas! They were more then happy to do it and they turned out absolutely delicious!

Lisa J.

My favorite drink here is The Dirty Virgin. This place has excellent food and service! Drinks to go with food purchase.

Sheralyn M.

I'm a server and so were several others at our table. I don't think I've received this stellar of service in years! This will be a regular stop for us!

Sean M.

Great customer service and excellent margaritas! Food is awesome too. Whomever is designing the drinks and food menus are genius!

Kathryn N.

Great staff, margaritas and atmosphere. Definitely be back.