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Jorge Castro
Beatriz “Betty” Cantú

VP of Operations

Betty is a native of the Pacific Northwest and was born into a family of restaurateurs. After helping her brother Jorge open three restaurants, she got the itch to open her own. In 2014, Betty opened her first restaurant and never looked back. With the aspirations of wanting to open more restaurants, Betty realized that nothing beats the combined efforts of a brother and sister team. In 2017, she partnered with her brother, and Pearl West Restaurant Group was birthed. Together they make a perfect balance with Jorge heading up the buildouts and Betty focusing on assembling teams to operate them. As VP of Operations, Betty is surrounded by a team that oversees every detail in each restaurant. Betty enjoys continuing to learn about problem solving and leadership. It’s what helps her continue to grow and mentor leaders within Pearl West.
Edgar A. Castro

Beverage Director

Edgar is the magic behind the shaping and cultivating of the forward-thinking, Pearl West Bar & Beverage Program. Creating out-of-the-box innovative programs is his specialty. Edgar is determined to push the company forward to be best in class among all bar programs nationwide. Much of his time is spent researching and learning new ways to take the drinks to the next level and become a trailblazer in all things bar. Outside of work Edgar loves to create music and has spent a lot of time working on music production and audio engineering. A lot of his inspiration for Pearl West Bars stems from his time working on music production and writing/composing songs for other artists.

Edgar is also a proud and grateful Testicular Cancer survivor. He works closely in the cancer community to help others that are going through their battle. He is looking to continue to push forward in life to continue to help those that didn't have the support that he had when he was going through his battle with cancer.

Luis Delgado
VP of Finance / IT
John Paul Cantu

Director of Culinary

John Paul was born and raised in South Texas. After serving in the Army as a Combat Medic and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, John Paul followed his passion for food and learned how to run a kitchen from his father-in-law, Jose Castro. John Paul quickly learned that the most important “ingredient” in the kitchen is its culture. Finding people with the same passion for cooking and teaching them the importance of teamwork has been the key to success in all our kitchens. Along with leading the kitchens of Pearl West, he oversees procurement and facilities for the company. Outside of work, John Paul loves spending time with his family, staying physically active, and enjoying a good cigar with his favorite tequila.
Charles Johnson

Chief Operations Officer

Charles brings over 25 years of experience in operations, leadership, concept growth and development in full service and fast casual restaurant environments. As a proud alum of the University of Arizona, Charles worked in just about every restaurant role before, during, and after college but is a bartender at heart. His career spans multiple start-up restaurants, with 20 years dedicated to operating and growing PF Chang's from their very first restaurant in various operations roles. Climbing, the ladder from an hourly tear member to Regional Vice President of Operations, Charles was instrumental in the expansion of the brand, ultimately leading a region of over 60 restaurant locations in the Western United States. His ability to build high performing tears, led to additional roles as the Chief Operations Officer in the upscale fast casual segment with southern California brands Lemonade and Burger Lounge. Charles was responsible for shepherding both brands through rapid growth, people development, instilling operational excellence and financial results.
Anne Haerle
VP of Innovation & Operations
Catherine Ford
Executive Assistant to CEO

Happy customers,

we treat like family

Raylene L.

Excellent Mexican food! I asked if they could make me something not on their menu... avocado enchiladas! They were more then happy to do it and they turned out absolutely delicious!

Lisa J.

My favorite drink here is The Dirty Virgin. This place has excellent food and service! Drinks to go with food purchase.

Sheralyn M.

I'm a server and so were several others at our table. I don't think I've received this stellar of service in years! This will be a regular stop for us!

Sean M.

Great customer service and excellent margaritas! Food is awesome too. Whomever is designing the drinks and food menus are genius!

Kathryn N.

Great staff, margaritas and atmosphere. Definitely be back.